Notes by JCProbably
May 9th, 2024

A love letter to my vacuum cleaner


My Dearest Dyson, 

I’ve wanted you for years, and have watched you from the corner of  my eye every time I pass by you. It was never the right time, it always felt like it was always against us. You were either not available, or I wasn’t ready financially. I knew I had to be patient, because you’d be worth it. 

After years of waiting, the timing was finally right. I finally had you in my life. I was obsessed right from the start. Some may think our relationship was unhealthy, but I knew differently. You motivated me to straighten up, to clean up after myself. 

Your lasers… I am absolutely mesmerized by it. I would start by wanting to clean just a little crumb in the kitchen, but then I would get lost in all of the tiny particles that the lasers would show me. I followed it to every single corner of the house and before I knew it, I had cleaned up the entire room!

It’s not just the lasers that make you special in my eyes. It’s the way you make a mundane task like cleaning feel like a game. You make vacuuming fun again! You may just be a vacuum cleaner to some, but to me, you’re my (very best cleaning) soul mate. 

Dyson v15 Detect, thank you for being a part of my life. 

With Love, 


Side Note(s):

  • This post is Day 9 of the WeblogPoMo2024 challenge.
  • Obviously satirical, but I do love my cordless Dyson vacuum. It’s super lightweight and makes carrying it up and down the stairs super easy.
  • Downside to it is that the battery doesn’t last very long so I have to charge it quite often.
  • It has great suction both for on carpet and hardwood flooring — picks up the tiniest particles. Highly recommend.

A graphic that says A love letter for my dearest dyson, with a photo of a vacuum split in half with the date 050924 in the middle. background is purple with a splash of teal in the middle

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