Notes by JCProbably
May 10th, 2024

A State of Panic - a revised version


I had a complete post written that I intended to post today about waking up in a state of panic minutes before my alarm went off every morning this week. I re-read it as I always do, and decided it was just too personal to post… and so I trashed it. Or rather, just ended up posting it in my private journal. 

I want to write personal things so that I can be personable, authentic, and relatable on this blog. I want to put my thoughts and feelings out there in the world, so that maybe in the rare instance someone who is going through the same thing stumbles upon it, they won’t feel so alone. At the same time, I still want to make sure that I do not cross the imaginary boundary line that I have set upon myself: Describe thoughts and experiences but don’t air too much dirty laundry. Or something like that. 

Honestly, that’s probably why I stopped blogging in the first place. I’d become a more private person and I couldn’t figure out where this so-called imaginary line was drawn, or should be drawn. I don’t know where talking about my real thoughts and experiences ended, and divulging too much information that’s not needed started. 

Social media often only depicts the glamorous parts of someones life… and for the most part, that is typically the image I portray on mine. On the other hand, I want this corner of space of mine to be a little different, and I’m still trying to figure out how it could be, so please bear with me for now. 

Thank you for allowing me to shout into the void, and for listening to the echoes and remnants of my voice that leak out. I appreciate you.

Side Note(s):

  • This post is Day 10 of the WeblogPoMo2024 challenge.
  • The original post was titled Static of Panic so I figured I’d at least keep that.
  • I am jealous of those who are able to say anything and everything they want without filter. I wish, at times, I could be like that too.
  • Do you draw a line between divulging too much information on your blog? If you do, how do you handle it?

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