Notes by JCProbably
April 1st, 2024 life

Oh snap, you're on (Lego) camera

Currently still familiarizing myself to the ins and outs of Scribbles, while simultaneously trying to stay true to my (current) blog description -- which is a window into this life of mine. Posted this photo on my page as a contribution to today's Toy theme, but wanted to post it on here too as I test what it's like to have a photo in between 2 paragraphs / wall of text.

A completely built Lego camera from the 3-in-1 creator series
A completely built Lego camera from the 3-in-1 creator series

I never really built Lego sets growing up. I had mixtures of random blocks to build what I could with what I had but my parents never got me actual Lego sets. So as an adult who happens to be passionate about photography, when I saw that this creator set came out in early January, I just had to get it. I had so much fun building this that I've been obsessing on which Lego set to get next. Right now, I'm leaning on the Polaroid camera that fake develops a polaroid photo which I think is super cool.

I have more thoughts and ideas on where I want to take my Scribbles journey, so stay tuned!

Oh, and one last thing! Many thanks to those who have reached out after my last post to affirm that I am indeed not writing to the avoid. I appreciate you, and I am here to try to earn my readers back as I start from square one. Signing off until next time! ✌️